By Siji Oyewusi

P-Clothing unveils its latest collection; called The Natty Man, showcasing crafty and alluring designs. This collection is both sophisticated and mature, created for that contemporary African man.

This uniquely sewn collection are designed with passion to make you look your very best, this collection is artistically tailored with exceptional craftsmanship from the carefully selected luxurious fabrics. The pieces combine the latest trends with top quality fabrics, geometry patterns and varieties of designs that ensure that there is something for everyone.

A collection of finely crafted pieces inspired by the African culture and Heritage, which is usually expressed in its arts and crafts, clothing, cuisine, music, folklore, religion and languages. This new collection celebrates African creativity, rich colors, craft and culture, it is our language for dissent, to give us courage and celebrate our strength and spirit.

A striking feature of this design is our artistically designed breast pocket.


Photography: @imagesmith_studios

Design: @pclothin Photography: @imagesmith_studios Model:  @perahoo

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