Rogue Clothing Presents SS18 Editorial Titled Fearless Pursuit

By Siji Oyewusi

For Rogue’s Fearless Pursuit, the stunning scenery of Lagos, meets the world of deconstructed tailoring capturing the very definition of natural cool. Looking to the past to shape the now, the pieces merges untainted fabrics with an ageless sense of style, which has been updated for the modern man who’s always on the move.
Fearless pursuit is an exploration of Lagos as a society and organism of its own; using fashion, portraiture and film to tell a tale of craftsmanship, industry, Africanism and functionality in a Lagosian reality. We try to portray a Lagos that is always moving at a fast speed, a society that has through time, evolved its members into a zealous, forward thinking, modern community.

Label: Rogue @rogue_ng
Design/Styling/Direction: Sadic @sadicoflagos
Photography: Charles Merit @charlesmerit1
Cinematography: @theoladayo
Talents: Wilson @onwukawilson, Toyin  @thetoyin17
Make up: Mobi  @gbm_signatures
Publicist: @moafricapr

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