Regal by Yomi Casual 2018 collection

By Siji Oyewusi

Nigerian fashion brand Yomicasual is on a mission to revive the intricate embroidery after going back to it roots where it started from as the brand launches its Regal by Yomi Casual collection which highlights the unique needlework designs.
The artistic collection redefines menswear into conceptual, effervescent contemporary panache. Every unique piece communicates a different semantic, colour and identity specific to each.
The ceremonial outfits which features long tunics with jackets, and can be worn to any occasion and glamorous events, in its own matchless preserves some cultural heritage and reimagines the traditional monarch styles of the past into exquisite pieces modishly bringing embroidery into the new era.

Designs: @yomicasual
Photography: @ayoalasi
Talents: @ikogbonna @eddiewatsonjr
Publicist: @moafricapr

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