Ebun Oladoye X Yomi Casual Collaborates for Afrocalypso Collection

By Siji Oyewusi

Emerging fashion brand Ebun Oladoye and ace designer Yomi Casual have lifted the veil on their collection termed Afrocalypso, highlighting different designs made with the indigo-dyed fabric called Adire.
Shot by Ayo Alasi, the cast of the brands collaborative includes Yomi Makun of Yomi Casual and Nollywood actress/TV host Bridget Chigbufue modeling the unisex pieces.
The Adire fabric which is the primary drive of Afrocalypso uses a variety of resist dyeing methods that produces patterned designs in a dazzling array of tints and hues to birth the cool, classy yet playful unisex pieces in the collection.
The collection boasts must-have pieces from classic side-stripe pants and shorts for his and hers, shirts, polos, smart and stylish women’s tops for that bold woman, t-shirts and blouses
You can get your hands on a unique piece of this collaborative brilliance available now at Ebun Oladoye online stores!

Designs: @ebunoladoye @yomicasual
Cast: @bridgetchigbufue @yomicasual
Photography: @ayoalasi for @alasistudios
Polos: @yomicasual
Tees: @demuacreations
Shoes: @yomicasual
MUA: @bvmakeovers
Publicists: @moafricapr

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