By Siji Oyewusi
Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo is really digging his heels into the Nigerian fashion industry by way of fashion collaboration with renowned fashion brand Yomi Casual.
The brand shared their fashion experience with the actor who is known for his sartorial choice to develop designs that are very simple, comfortable, refined, timeless and imperial.
For Ekubo who is also a model, this is a chance to prove his design prowess even further. He is well known for his panache and has also featured in a lot of lookbook.
According to Alex Ekubo, who took to his instagram page to announce the partnership, he wrote: ‘Growing up, I’ve always wondered what it will be like designing a collection for the public. What will be my key areas of focus? Well for me, comfort is key.  I always want to not just be seen as comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, but to actually be comfortable in it, also, less is more – so less dramatic designs and a more subtle statement piece that screams BOSS AND MATURITY. Hence the creation of the new ALEX EKUBOFOR YOMI CASUAL COLLECTION’
As always with Yomi Casual brand, you hardly need to check the label to know that the quality and finishing is first-rate, this is instantaneously obvious upon giving the photos a quick glance over, and also indicating the talented actor and fashion lover as a partner and muse.
The collection is available to shop at all Yomi Casual sales location and online.
Designer: @yomicasual
Models: @alexxekubo, @yomicasual
Photographer: @ayoalasi
Location: @trisholuxuryinteriors
Publicist: @moafricapr

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