Adire, Dog Tooth Check, Animal Print and more in Imaatu’s latest campaign tagged SHE IS

By Siji Oyewusi

Imaatu’s #SHEIS collection was created for every woman as the pieces paints femininity strong and fragile at the same time. A wardrobe for women all around the globe.
Deliberately chosen non-color fabrics, dog-tooth check and animal prints, combined with Adire fabrics, hand made by students of the Nigerian association of the Blind, which adds spice to the collection giving it a strong silhouette.
“She Is” her story in every way shape and form –
Sophisticated – Heroine – Emotional – Immortal  – Soul!
Designs – @imaatufashion
Photography – @stefan_gergely
Model – @annaomaya
Publicist – @moafricapr

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